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The Yourgene® QS250 is a game changer in DNA sample preparation

Ideal for cfDNA applications such as NIPT and oncology. A simple, neat bench-based platform that performs:

  • Fragment length analysis
  • Accurate Library quantification
  • Enrichment of DNA of interest


  • Automated DNA quantification of ALL samples simultaneously
    • Time and reagent saving
    • Fast run time leading to decreased turnaround time
    • Accurate DNA quantification
    • Integration with automated library preparation platform
  • Generates clean fragments of a precise size range of interest
    • Enriches fetal fraction by two-fold
    • Allows for high-multiplexing in the future
    • Allows for more consistent analysis, further reducing failure rate
    • Reduce or eliminate the hassle and wasted time & expense of sequencing off-target fragments
    • Lower pool concentrations needed (from only 100pM), decreasing failure rate
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