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DPYD testing Workflow Image
DPYD Kit Image

To view the full video from the Scouse Scientist, click here

DPYD assay protocol

PCR workflow (~4 hours)

Reaction Mix Illustration

1. Reaction Mix

Prepare and dispense the DPYD reaction mixes into 0.2ml PCR tubes or a 96 well plate.

DNA Illustration

2. DNA

Add patient DNA to the dispensed DPYD reaction mixes.

PCR Illustration

3. PCR

Run thermal cycling program.

Capillary Illustration

4. Capillary

Electrophoresis. No post-PCR modifications required.  Compatible with ABI 3*** Genetic Analysers. 

Analysis Illustration

5. Analysis

Simple analysis and interpretation of results using GeneMapper® or GeneMarker® software.

Clinical Workflow

Clinical Workflow Image